Login history

Login history is a function to indicate when and from where your KONAMI ID was used to log in to the service.
A record of 30 past cases of successful logins, starting from the newest login, is displayed.
With this function, you can check whether your KONAMI ID was incorrectly used.

To display the login history

Log in to the My KONAMI site. You can view the history from [KONAMI ID > Login history].

How to view login history

When the login history is displayed, a list of 30 successful logins on April 20, 2018, or later will be displayed, starting from the newest login.
This list shows the following information:


Date/time of successful login.

【Device information】

The type of device that logged in (such as a PC or smart device) is displayed.
This may not be displayed depending on the service you accessed.


The Web browser used to log in is displayed.

【Country or region】

The name of the country or region where you logged in is displayed. (The country or region may not be accurate and is information for your reference.)

【Login ID】

The character string representing [Email address or KONAMI ID] when you logged in is displayed.

If you noticed a suspicious login

If you noticed that something is wrong from the login history, immediately change your password using [KONAMI ID > View/Edit registered information].

Also check [KONAMI ID > View/Edit registered information] on the My KONAMI site and check the information on the service of Konami you have used to determine whether your data has been changed or deleted.

If your data has been altered or deleted without your knowledge, consult our customer consultation office.